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About the novel Hippies by Peter Jedick

HIPPIES is a 300 page novel based on the crazy times leading up to the killing of four students on the campus of Kent State University on May 4th, 1970. It is published by Peter Jedick Enterprises and is only available as a Kindle or Nook ebook. Click here for links to download Hippies.

HIPPIES is NOT what you might expect from its title. It is NOT about a bunch of protesting, drug-crazed, heavy metal, rock and rollers.

It is a story about love, fun, youth and adventure.

It is a combination Dr. Zhivago, The Catcher in the Rye and the television series "Friends."

HIPPIES is about four quirky college roommates who share an off-campus duplex with four female college roommates. The house is split vertically down the middle and makes for many interesting living situations.

The year is 1969-70 at Kent State University, the same fateful year four students were shot and killed during an anti-Vietnam War protest.

The main character, Matt, is beginning his senior year with only one thought on his mind. Come graduation day he will lose his draft deferment and be sent off to the jungles of Vietnam to fight a war his country no longer believes in.

His life is complicated by his ex-girl friend Michelle, who unwittingly rented the other half of his house, and his new girl friend, Elizabeth, who is planning to study overseas come winter quarter.

Matt starts the year looking like the All-American boy. But due to various adventures he grows a beard and long hair. His roommates and girl friends go through similar changes, becoming more radicalized as they interact with various forces on and off campus.

The students don't consider themselves "hippies" but society brands them as such. Basically, they face the same trials and tribulations as college students from any era. The difference is that the Vietnam War colors all their actions and keeps interfering with their lifestyle.

Photo: John A. Darnell Jr., The Boardman News

A tidal wave of events influences their personalities and career choices.

By the end of the book the situation is out of control. The generation gap has grown into a canyon. The country is on the verge of anarchy and international forces converge tragically on a quiet hill in the middle of Kent State's campus. Matt and his friends are caught in an historic crossfire.

On May 4th, 1970, four students are shot and killed by the Ohio National Guard during an anti-Vietnam War demonstration. The event makes for an emotional climax to the novel. The shootings had an international impact as large as September 11, 2001. (Kent State was on the cover of NEWSWEEK and LIFE magazines.) It is remembered by most baby boomers as vividly as the day President Kennedy was assassinated.

The event is just as stirring today as it was in 1970.


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